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Vinyl Plank Flooring: Benefits, Pros & Cons

Luxury vinyl plank flooring provides a resilient water-resistant, low maintenance, easy to install, cost-effective, and long-lasting floor. But vinyl plank flooring does have its risks and downsides. Whether you’re considering installing vinyl or remove an existing vinyl tile floor. As a homeowner or contractor, its good to understand the vinyl floor comes with its own disadvantages. 

Luxury vinyl plank tends to have inconsistent quality, off-gassing, uncomfortable to walk in barefoot, cannot be refinished, and hard to remove since its glued down. Compared to hardwood it scratches, scuffs, and dent easily as well as fade and discolor on UV exposure. The vinyl material is not recyclable thus not- ecofriendly.

Here is luxury vinyl tile flooring benefits, advantages, and disadvantages.

What are the Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring?



  • Water resistant and water proof.

  • Cost friendly.

  • Available in variety to choose from.

  • Some how Scratch, dent and scuff resistant.

  • Highly durable & resilient.

  • Not natural wood.

  • Non bio-degradable/ Non-recyclable.

  • Hard to remove.

  • Prone to fading and discoloration

  • Cannot be refinished and repaired

Pros and Cons of Vinyl plank flooring

Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Here are merits of installing vinyl plank floors:

Vinyl Plank Floor is Easy to Install

The vinyl tiles can be installed as a floating floor or glued down to the subfloor. It is usually installed as a floating floor in low traffic areas. However, in large areas, it will need to be glued down to the subfloor.

The floor is stain resistant and not nailed down that could lead to black water stains around the nails head. This also prevents interfering with vinyl flooring waterproof ability.

Vinyl Floor is Easy to Clean and Maintain.

Regular vacuuming and dust mopping will help maintain your floor aesthetic value. Occasional damp mopping for high traffic areas with mild floor cleaners will help protect the vinyl luster and shine for decades.

In addition, the repair is easier than traditional wood flooring. You just need to remove the damaged plank and install anew one without sanding and refinishing the entire floor. For deep cleaning, mop with warm water to maintain the vinyl shine and luster. Avoid using a mop with built-in scrub brushes to avoid damaging your floor.

Highly Durable

The luxury vinyl floor is stain, scratch, and dent resistant. This makes it great for high traffic areas, kids, and pets friendly for almost anywhere in your home. Vinyl plank flooring is extremely versatile and great for the bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl does not chip or scratch easily.

Variety of Vinyl Planks

The upper coating layer of vinyl flooring comes with different mimics; wood, stone, marble, parquets, etc to choose from. The texture can be available in hand-scraped and knotted.

Vinyl Plank Floor has Realistic Visuals

One of the biggest appeals for vinyl flooring its uniques color, patterns, and textures. This creates an extremely unique and authentic feel of the real floor. Thanks to technology advancement, photographic imaging technology has enabled look-alike designs that you might be looking for.

Water Proof Flooring

Vinyl is ideal for bathroom, kitchen, basements, and laundry rooms. You don’t have to worry much about accidental spills, pet and kids messes, Vinyl has moisture protective layer. If your floor is prone to water and moisture, vinyl flooring is 100% for you since its totally water and moisture resistant.

Affordable and Comfortable Flooring

Vinyl plank is affordable and cost-friendly than solid hardwood flooring. This allows one to enjoy or benefit the look-alike wood flooring without paying the high cost of solid wood flooring.

Luxury vinyl plank floors have a softer feel on your feet, making them comfortable to walk on. It’s even more comfortable to stand on than normal solid wood alternatives. It also has a warm feel on your feet.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Here are some disavdanatges of vinyl plank flooring:

Vinyl Floor is not a Natural Wood

No matter how better the floor photographic mimics the natural wood it still feels hollow and hard when you walk on it. This won’t make the house as luxurious as natural wood would.

Hard to Remove

While installation is easy for vinyl plank flooring. Removing the glued down vinyl tiles is not an easy job. However, the easy interlocking options may not be an issue to remove, although not recommended for large commercial or high traffic areas. The glued down method remains the best option for these large commercial areas.

Non-Biodegradable Material

Vinyl are non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle which is a major drawback for the environment. Environmental consciousness is needed when disposing of the destroyed or removed planks.

Prone to Damages

Vinyl flooring can handle some misuse for some time, however pulling and pushing furniture, dropping sharp items, walking with high pointed heels will definitely scratch, stain and gouge or dent your vinyl flooring.

Prone to Fading and Discoloration

Direct exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet rays for a period of time will definitely discolor the vinyl floor. Direct sunlight is a challenge that complicates the installation of a vinyl floor in outdoor areas.

Vinyl Floor Cannot be Refinished

Vinyl flooring is very light and thin to refinish or be repaired. The top prefinished wear and tear-resistant layer make it even harder to refinish.

Is vinyl plank flooring toxic?

Vinyl plank flooring does emit gas or off-gas that are considered toxic. If you are allergic or have respiratory issues, it better to natural wood flooring. In addition, you may look for flooring with low VOC labels or that are Phthalate free.

Does vinyl plank flooring scratches easily?

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring is scratch and dent resistant when precautions are taken. Pushing and pulling furniture, walking with high heel pointed shoe, and dropping sharp objects however will scratch, dent, and damage your vinyl flooring.

Is vinyl plank better than laminate?

Vinyl plank flooring has some advantages over laminate flooring depending on your need. Vinyl is highly durable, scratch resistant wand water proof that gives it some advantages over laminate for moisture and water prone area installations. Its easy to install and maintain, can be steam and wet moped compared to laminate. However its more prone to fading than laminate flooring.

Is vinyl plank waterproof?

Vinyl plank flooring is known majorly for its water-resistant and waterproof ability. Once installed correctly you don’t have to worry about moisture damage on your kitchen or bathroom. When installed in moisture  and water prone areas you don’t have to worry for warping, buckling or bubbling problems

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