Can You Paint Vinyl Floors? [How to Paint]

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Can you paint vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the commonly used floorings by developers and homeowners. Vinyl tiles are smaller and simple to lay on any room and stairs if you area DIYs. Vinyl sheet flooring is easy to install, affordable, durable with attractive designs among other benefits. But can you paint old vinyl floors?

Yes, painting vinyl flooring offers a simpler easy way to rejuvenate old looking vinyl flooring without breaking a bank. Painting is an easy way and money-saving solution to making the old vinyl floors look new and shiny. Prepare the floor through thorough cleaning, de-gross the floor, apply primer, and finish by painting your floor. For best results apply two coats of flooring paint on two coats of primer to leave your floor impermeable.

can you paint vinyl flooring Pictures of painted vinyl floors before and after, how to paint vinyl flooring, painting vinyl flooring
Pictures of painted vinyl floors before and after

How do You Paint Vinyl Flooring or Linoleum?

You may be looking for an easy way on how to paint old vinyl flooring with chalk paint to look like a stone. Here is a step by step ways of painting old vinyl floors with chalk:

Picture of how to paint vinyl flooring and laminate , linoleum, can i paint vinyl flooring

1. Prepare the Floor

It’s best to plan at this stage on the kind of color and pattern or even the stencil you want to use. Get the supplies ready with the tweaks you want to apply to your painting project. Remove all the furniture, appliances from your room.

Consider deep cleaning vinyl flooring to remove any grime, dirt, dust particles, and greasy.

2. Sand the Old Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has a top shiny finish that may cause problems. The topcoat requires to be removed before painting your vinyl flooring. Ensure you have a protective dust mask, get a sander with fine sandpaper (180-220 grit; like Dura-Gold – Premium Gold PSA) to remove the shiny finish. Some sticky messy on your vinyl floor you can scrap them off.

After completely sanding your floor, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the sanded dust leaving your floor dust and grime free. Open the windows to ensure good ventilation to allow the flow of dust-free air as the sanded dust air gets out of the room.

3. Carry out the Repair works

Some areas might have been affected by normal wear and tear, holes, and other pet and child messes like sticky stains You need to repair them before painting your floor. In cases where the tiles are broken, consider replacing the tile otherwise caulk into the holes and spread it well to cover the damaged part.

Carefully scrape off the excess caulk to leave the area clean and smooth for painting.

4. Apply Deglosser

Once you have sanded, cleaned, and repaired your old looking vinyl flooring, use a paint roller to apply a liquid deglosser to improving the painting bonding with your sanded vinyl flooring.

Start from one corner to the other until you evenly apply it on your prospective vinyl floor. Once done allow it to dry before applying primer. In some cases, you can apply the second coat for better results.

5. Apply the Primer and Paint

Take one of the best flooring primers near you and apply the first and second coat on your vinyl flooring. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Once it’s dry apply the second coat and allow it to dry. Once the second coat has dried completely, get the flooring paint you had chosen and apply it on your vinyl floor.

Here how to apply Primer for vinyl flooring and linoleum flooring

Rusty patina copper / Vinyl floor paint

If you are a DIY artistic person like me, consider getting a stencil design. In-case your old looking vinyl had some designs they may show up after painting, you can play around with those patterns or picture of the vinyl painted floor.  

In case you want to apply pattern stripes and other designs you can play around with the already painted floor. Lay down your tape for the desired design, especially if the old vinyl had some geometric patterns. You may use those textures to lay the pattern designs evenly or for plain old flooring measure with hands.

Apply the paint to the stencil design and let it completely dry. You may add the second coat for a better luxurious look. Now, you may return the furniture and your appliances and enjoy the look and freshening of your hard work.

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