How To Choose Furniture Best Suited for Dark Wood Floors

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dark wooden floors with matching furniture

Selecting furniture for your home is no easy task. There are a lot of things you need to account for and consider accordingly, and one of the most important ones is to consider your flooring.

Having wooden flooring in your home—specifically dark wood flooring—adds a level of regality, elegance, and sophistication to your home. The best part of having this flooring installed is the creative freedom it allows you when you’re furnishing your home. Dark wood flooring naturally pairs well with most colored furnishings, but there are some colors in particular that enhance its look more than others.

This is why I’m here, to help you pick and choose the right furniture to pair with your dark wood floors. By the end of this article, you’ll surely find the right furnishings to go with your dark wood floors, so keep on reading!

Our Recommended Furniture Choices

I’ll be honest, picking the color of your furniture can be a difficult task, and if you’re like me you’ll constantly be anxious about whether or not your choices are the right ones.

There’s a bright side, however, and that lies in the fact that you can choose almost any color of furniture to go with your dark wood floors. Yes, you heard right, any color furniture and any tone will go well with dark wood floors. 

It’s a universally well-balanced look and it won’t require too much thinking to get your furniture to go well with it. However, I would recommend that you clean your dark wood floor before picking out any furniture. Giving your floor a revitalizing look will change its appearance significantly and will impact the kind of furniture you want for it. You don’t have to refinish it, simply using a wood floor cleaner will do the trick. 

In case you aren’t sure where to start, reading up on our guide on how you can clean your old hardwood floors should help you take a step in the right direction!

While you can match any colors and tones, it’s important to note that choosing lighter colored furniture will give your home a much more spacious look as compared to darker colored furniture which will give your home a cozier feel.

To give you something to work with, I’ll simply tell you the most reliable and well-liked furniture colors you can pair with your dark wood floors. These tried-and-true color choices will work wonders with your dark flooring!

Dark Wood Furniture

You don’t necessarily have to contrast and go out of your way to choose a different kind or color of the furniture. You can simply keep on using what’s already worked for you so far. A darker shade of furniture will complement your dark wood flooring and give it an aesthetically pleasing look. Consider balancing the dark floors and wood furniture with light walls and sofas.

Medium Wood Furniture

Furniture of a medium wood tone will also suit your dark wood floors well. It’ll balance out the look of your home and make it look more modern and classier compared to other wood tones. This mixture of neighboring wood colors will create a subtle contrast, kind of like a wood ombre.

Light Wood Furniture

A lighter shade of wood on your furniture will give your home an airier appearance. When paired with dark wood floors, the powerful contrast it provides will make the furniture stand out and become more prominent. 

Light wood tones are definitely worth considering for furnishing your home in my eyes, alongside the spacious feel they’ll provide, they’ll also emphasize your dark flooring significantly.

Additionally, many people already use light wood furniture for their beds as its light and comforting look complements most bedroom furniture. 

By the way, if your bed feels like it’s moving every time you sit on it, your bed may be sliding on your wood floor, in which case you should definitely check out our guide on what to do if your bed continues sliding on your wooden floor.  

White Furniture

You surely can’t have a list of good colors without white making the list; its appearance is simply unmatched no matter what it’s used for. White furniture contrasts well against dark hardwood flooring and all your guests will find the look neat and invigorating.

Pairing your dark floors with white sofas and chairs alongside pretty much any wall color is a great way to give your home a fresh look.

Black Furniture

Black furniture’s recent surge in popularity is due to the comfortable feel it provides to homeowners. When combined with dark wood flooring, it gives a minimalistic and classy vibe to your home, and when contrasted against additional elements of white (cushions, carpets, rugs, etc.) it can look truly magnificent.

Dark Brown Furniture

For a more down-to-earth look, I’d recommend you consider purchasing dark brown furniture. It’ll naturally pair well with your dark wood floor, especially if it’s of a similar tone. Dark brown furniture gives your home a retro vibe and an inviting look— especially if paired with brighter toned walls. This combination gives off a relaxing feeling and has a simplistic appearance, working surprisingly well in its favor.

Dark Blue Furniture

Dark blue furniture paired with dark wood floors is a timeless look that makes your home feel sophisticated and it adds a darker tone overall to your home as well. I’d highly recommend that you consider a set of dark blue sofas to go with your dark wood floors; they’ll work wonders for your home. If dark blue isn’t for you, consider dark green as an alternative. Dark greens work beautifully with dark wood floors as well.

Mix & Match Furniture

Yep, you heard that right! Sometimes it can be better to let your imagination run wild and pick a combination of two (or more) colors instead of one. This way you don’t have to chain yourself to one choice and can opt for multiple colors or tones of your liking when choosing multiple wood furniture pieces.

There is an art to this, however, because the colors can’t just be any old colors you randomly pick. You have to connect them all together and use a sense of subtlety when selecting the right furniture so as to not make any one color dominate the room which could result in an unbalanced look and ruin the impact of the other colors.

For example, having a medium wood-colored table with white chairs and a beige carpet alongside off-white curtains paired with dark wood flooring will completely connect the look and make it well-balanced. If one color becomes more prominent over the others, the unique look of the room is entirely lost.

Should Furniture be Darker or Lighter Than the Floor?

In case you still have any doubts, let me clear them up. You can use virtually any color of furniture with dark wood floors, even if it’s a darker shade or a lighter shade compared to the floor.

When considering light wood furniture, it’ll provide contrast and create a unique look for your home and if you look at dark wood furniture, you’ll realize how well it’ll complement your flooring. Even the middling option, medium wood furniture can provide a great look to your home. 

There’s no set rule on whether or not furniture should be darker or lighter than your floor, but I will say that you want to make sure your furniture follows the same toning, otherwise it’ll look completely cluttered and out of place. 

For example, if your coffee table is a darker shade but your sofa is a lighter shade, your room will look odd and bizarre.

Additionally, due to its style dark wood has established itself as a standard flooring for many people around the world. It’s considered a must-have flooring in your modern home and has long since trumped light wood and medium wood flooring. 

If you have a hardwood floor that isn’t necessarily dark but you don’t want to spend a fortune dealing with the hassle of installing a dark wood floor, consider reading our guide to be able to stain your flooring darker (don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about sanding it).

Naturally, you can also keep all your furniture the same color as your floors if you want. This is a go-to option that many people prefer since it’s easy and convenient to choose, but it isn’t always necessary to do.

Create the Perfect Furniture Combination for your Dark Wood Floors

To sum it up, feel free to go ham with your furniture selection! As long as it relates to the hardwood floor and has a similar tone or color, your home should end up fashionable!

I hope you found this guide informative and enjoyable. Selecting the right furniture to go along with dark wood floors can be a difficult process, and I hope I’ve made this task easier for you.

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, please leave a comment down below, I’d love to read them! If you liked this article then do share it with your friends.

Happy furniture shopping!

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