How to Clean Bamboo Floors?

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Proper cleaning, care, and maintenance of the bamboo floor is the best way to protect it from accumulating dust, dirt, or grime. I will discuss step by step that did wonders for my bamboo hardwood floor.

You’ll also learn simple additional steps that have helped remove dark stains on my floor and have kept bamboo floor shine for decades. The process of cleaning doesn’t always require professional bamboo cleaning but as a DIY person, you can use some simple bamboo cleaner recipe.

How to Deep Clean Bamboo Hardwood Floor [Step by Step]

Proper cleaning bamboo flooring can make it last longer and have a fresh great look always. It is relatively easy and the best decision for a start to maintain your floor and preserve it for decades effortlessly.

Simple sweeping, vacuuming and weekly mopping will ensure your floor remains pristine.

Regular vacuuming, sweeping and immediate wiping of accidental spills go along way in maintaining your floor shiny. Consistent care, cleaning, and attention while using the right tools for your floor can keep your space looking like new.

Knowing how to deep clean bamboo floors with little water, natural cleaner, gentle cloths, mops, and gentle vacuums will bring out the top-quality of this modern flooring.

how to deep clean bamboo floor? step by step

Here,s a step by step on how to clean the bamboo floor using simple cleaning methods.

1. Clear the room

First make a plan where to start, move all furniture, toys, and all other items. Mostly, deep cleaning requires careful inspection of any stains on your floor from kids, pets, or any other accidental spills. Avoid pulling or pushing your furniture they might leave scratch marks.

You may try moving furniture to one end of your room is your space is limited. Consider sweeping your floor with hardwood soft bristle brush to remove dirt, pet hair, and dust.

It should be done before moving to the next step, this helps in reducing dirt, grime, and easy identification of stubborn dark stains.

2. Vacuum the floor

Vacuum the entire room carefully to remove all loose dirt. Ensure you have the best dust mop cleaner for your floor to get rid of both small and large debris effectively. Make sure you do this slowly to pick as must debris as possible. Depending on how dirty your floor is you may decide to do vacuum twice your floor before moving to the next step.

High traffic areas like hallway require a lot of attention when vacuuming to ensure you don’t skip any debris.

Ensure your vacuum pick those meant for bamboo floors, the normal vacuum will scratch and dent your floor. Trust me you do not want to experiment vacuum cleaners on your floor.

Microfiber sweepers, vacuum and mops are the best to pick for bamboo hardwood floor.

3. Remove stains and scuffs

However, how much you might try to save bamboo from stain, it may end up happening. Approach them on a case on a case basis depending on their cause. There are a variety of best bamboo stains removers.

If stains and scuffs sunk into the bamboo floor and affected your finish, you may opt to refinish your bamboo and stain it again at this step.

Remember not to test wrong stain removals on your floor, the removal agent may worsen the problem. For many stains, you will be able to address them by wiping out with a clean soft rag and removal agents.

For scuff marks, apply a wood floor cleaner solution on a clean rug and gentle spot rub until finished. Dry the area after finishing and it should have an original good look.

Here is how you should deep clean your bamboo floor spot mark:

  • Blot a clean soft cloth with a bamboo stain removal agent.
  • Dab the spot to aloo it to soak
  • Gently rub the spot mark for few minutes until they are done
  • Wipe clean with a dry soft microfiber cloth

4. Deep Clean your floor

The best cleaning method would be damp mopping your bamboo with a microfiber mop and pH neutral floor cleaning cleaner or homemade solution. Depending on the size of your areas get the required ingredients and start cleaning. Start from one end until you finish the entire floor.

Here are ways deep clean your floor:

  • Prepare the cleaning solution, mix the required proportions.
  • Put the wood cleaning solution in a sprayer bottle. Alternatively, add in the tank of swifter wet jet or Bona hardwood floor mop. These two mops are able to spray cleaning solution in small amounts or in a widespread area in front of the mop pad.
  • Repeat till you are able to clear the cleaning space.
  • Ensure the floor is completely dry. You may use a soft dry cloth to dry.
  • Return the furniture to their appropriate places.
  • Consider daily sweeping and regular vacuuming to prevent dirt and dust build-up on your floor. This will go a long way in maintaining your floor and consume lesser time during the consecutive deep cleaning.

Allow the room to completely dry before returning the furniture.

5. Re-arrange the Furniture

If you have completely dried the floor, you can now return the furniture back. In case your floor looks old consider restoring it to its original rustle. To prevent further damage on your bamboo floor, put pads or rubber on furniture legs.

Tips for maintaining bamboo floors

Wipe any liquid spill on your floor. Water and any liquid is an enemy of any hardwood floor. Develop a routine for immediate cleaning away any accidental spills on your bamboo floor as soon as they happen

Liquids spill always leave dark water stains on your floor and may even ruin it completely to an extent it requires plank replacement.

What Is the Best Bamboo Floor Cleaner Solution?

There are few available options to choose from either the commercial store-bought solutions or homemade alternatives. Both when done correctly are effective methods to deep clean your floor effectively.

1. Commercial Cleaners

Store purchased cleaners are effective bamboo floor solution. They must be specifically made cleaner solution for hardwood floors with correct pH balance. This makes them gentle for Specific for bamboo hardwood floors.

2. Home Made Solutions

Natural products are wonderful alternatives but they require effort to make them. They help to avoid exposure to potentially harmful chemicals on your floor. One disadvantage is they need to be mixed correctly and carefully so that you don,t end up ruining your floor.

In other cases, you may not end up with your preferred scent on your floor.

Here is a list of best homemade products for bamboo hardwood cleaning.


Vinegar is acidic, however, when used cautiously it can do wonderful work.

  • Mix quarter cup of vinegar with a gallon of warm water.

It’s one of the oldest homemade products to have in your kitchen.

Caution: Use it only on sealed finished floors. Never use it in unsealed bamboo floors.

Here a video on how to clean bamboo with vinegar and water.

How to Clean a Bamboo Floor : Home Cleaning Forever

Dish Washing Liquid

  • Add 1-2 drops of dishwasher liquid in a cup of warm water.
  • Add a few suds to prevent streaking your bamboo.
  • Wipe with a clean dry cloth. It should do the trick without leaving any residue on your flooring.

Tip: Avoid any dishwashing liquid that has lemon extract. Acidic solutions can ruin any hardwood floor.

Castile Soap

  • Add 2 drops of concentrated castile soap on one cup of warm water.
  • Using spraying bottle spray on a small area
  • Wipeout with a clean dry cloth. Remember to avoid soaking your bamboo floor with this solution  

Reviews: Things to Consider When Selecting Bamboo Floor Cleaners

There are many available cleaners available in the market, however, not all of them are appropriate for use in hardwood bamboo floors.

Here are some of the things to carefully check on the cleaner description.

pH value

Pick neutral solutions only, they will help prevent streaking your bamboo flooring. Acidic solutions are known to stain the hardwood floors.

Pick specific bamboo or hardwood product

There are some specific solution products made specifically for bamboo flooring. In some cases, they may be expensive. In case they are unavailable for some reason in your area. Consider the alternative of hardwood made solution they are also good for bamboo flooring.

Gentle products

Pick gentle cleaning solutions. Avoid those made of abrasive chemicals, they may ruin your floor leaving stains and scratches on your best bamboo finish.

How to Restore Bamboo Floors

In-case your floor has lasted for decades with rusty look. You don’t have to completely replace it, you can revive it to its original lustre and elegance.

Here are some ways to revive your old worn out engineered bamboo floor.

Check the manufactures warranty.

You may want to avoid rendering your warranty void. Do not attempt to do anything that may void your warranty.

Wipe clean your floor

Always choose your cleaners products carefully. Avoid the use of any acidic product on your floor. Polish and wax leave a lot of residues that may make your floor sticky and slippery.

Use hardwood floor cleaners that have neutral pH with floor restoring properties. Avoid using Vinegar on your unfinished bamboo floor.

Re-screen the bamboo floor

Removing the top bamboo floor layer will ensure your floor lasts longer and pristine. Sand the floor with a very fine grit paper to avoid further damage that my nee complete replacement. However, it’s hard to avoid replacing bamboo in the long run.

Sweep or vacuum the floor

Sweeping and wiping the floor after sanding will take our dust particles on the surface. Vacuuming may also do the job easier if you have the best job.

Damp-mop the floor to remove all the dust particles. Ensure to wring it fully to just leave the mop damp.

Refinish your bamboo floor

Refinishing your floor restores your bamboo flooring with little effort. Removing and sanding the finish before re-applying a new finish makes your floor look fresh and new always.

Repair the damaged bamboo planks

Replace the damaged flooring that is beyond repair. Replacing entirely is advised, remembers bamboo is one of the most cost-friendly wood floors you can have. Revamping your floor won’t cost you a fortune.

Apply sealant on your floor

Apply sealant with a paintbrush or use a squeegee. Allow it to dry completely before returning the furniture and other items into the room or space.

Put furniture caps/pads

Having furniture pads or caps on the furniture legs will help prevent scratches marks on your bamboo flooring. It allows moving them around without damaging your flooring.

Best Cleaning Tools For Bamboo Flooring

The best way to clean bamboo floors includes selecting the best tools for the cleaning work. For effective cleaning work, you need the following tools for the job.

Mops: Soft dust mops are powerful tools for cleaning the bamboo floor. The dust mop works like a soft bristle broom on your floor. A good dust mop will handle daily cleaning for high traffic areas occasional cleaning for low traffic areas. Brooder mops are better for larger areas and the small one works best on smaller spaces.

Both commercial and homemade products can work best on your bamboo floor.

Consider the following tips:

  • Avoid using any bleaching agent on the floor.
  • Avoid acidic cleaning product may be natural or commercial ones.
  • Never use a wet mop on the floor, just dry mop and vacuum are effective cleaners.

here are useful Tips To Maintain Bamboo Flooring

10 Useful Tips To Maintain Bamboo Flooring

In Conclusion

Bamboo flooring provides one of the cost-friendly durable eco-friendly floors for your pets and kids. Being moist and insects resistant, makes it commonly installed floor. Ensuring you take care of your bamboo thorough cleaning and maintenance not only makes is look pristine but also lasts for decades.

Stains, accidental spills, grime and all sort of dirt may be addressed through proper cleaning. Re-staining, re-finishing, re-sanding, and repair of broken bamboo ensures your flooring looks great.

Can You Mop Bamboo Floors?

Yes, you can clean your bamboo flooring with a mop. I recommend the use of a dry mop or wring out the wet mop just leave it slightly damp. Wet mops and soaking bamboo with water, will cause irreparable damage on your bamboo floor like warping, buckling, and bubbling. Use products specifically designed for hardwood or bamboo floors to clean it and always eliminate any excess water on your flooring.

Can You Steam Mop Bamboo Floors?

No, you should,t try to use steam and wet mop on your bamboo floor or any other hardwood flooring. The effect of infusing steam on the floor may appear right away, but, repeated use will damage the finish and dimensional stability over time.
Steam mops intensively pump out hot water vapor, which can destabilize the cell structure of the bamboo plank causing, bubbling, swelling, warping, and finish failure with time. Even though the bamboo floor is typically water-resistant, I recommend you stick to use a micro-fiber mop and recommended hardwood floor cleaner solution.

Can You Vacuum Bamboo Floors?

Absolutely Yes, however, precaution needs to be taken to prevent damage. Avoid using hard bristles, they will scratch your bamboo floor and ultimately may ruin it.
Never use wet vacuums on your bamboo flooring. To vacuum consider those with a brush roller or that have hardwood floor attachments

Can the Bamboo Floor be Waxed?

Always avoid using polish, oils, and wax, they will leave a slippery residue on your floor which is risky for you, kids and pets.
During the cleaning avoid any cleaning product that has bleaching agent, acidic and abrasive chemicals, they leave irreparable damage. Develop a culture of checking product descriptions for the best results.

Can I wet mop my hardwood bamboo floor?

No, wet mopping will damage your floor. Damp moping is an efficient way to clean your floor leaving restoring its lost luster and elegance to your floor.

Can I steam mop my bamboo floor?

Avoid at all cost steam cleaning unfinished bamboo floor. However, if you have finished bamboo flooring you can cautiously steam mop it to sanitize and leave it with a fresh feel and look. Heat and steam are known to penetrate your floor and cause irreparable damage.

What the best brooms and mops for bamboo flooring?

Microfiber mops and brooms are soft enough for bamboo flooring. They are effective cleaners for your bamboo cleaning needs.

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