Vinyl Flooring On Stairs: Pros and Cons

Are you looking for gorgeous, budget-friendly, and high-quality flooring for your house? Look no further because the present-day vinyl floors are a great option for many homeowners. They are not only cheaper than other flooring materials, but they are also very durable.

There are two main types, tile vinyl flooring which brings the ceramics tiles’ look, or sheet flooring. However, like most building materials, vinyl flooring has its strengths and weaknesses. Below is a guide we believe you should read before making the purchase.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring on stairs

Easy To Install

The latest type of vinyl flooring is DIY and user friendly. Nowadays, some tiles and planks are easy to fix with the peel and stick process. There is no need for nails and hammering while installing. These DIY options have a sticky back that you need to peel and press firmly on the floor. As long as the floor is level, you don’t require any special tools. Even a total beginner can pull it off.


Since you can install them by yourself, vinyl flooring saves on the cost of hiring experts to do the job for you. The market price is also quite friendly comparing to the wooden or ceramic floors. Note that the other counterparts would require a carpet to add more décor to your space, but vinyl comes with unique and stylish designs that blend in with your furniture. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Attractive Designs

 With the options of stone and hardwood designs, the captivating textures and patterns are thrilling. You will find those that look like real ceramic tiles, those that are laid with textures like actual hardwood finishing, and those that are plain but with a variety of attractive colors to match the interiors of your home. All these designs and patterns will have you spoilt with options to choose from.


Because they are water-proof and stain resistant, the vinyl floors are highly durable. No need to use harsh chemicals to clean them, sweep regularly and mop weekly. The water-resistant ability inhibits the growth of molds on them, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens too. Also, water corrodes surfaces over time, so the vinyl flooring is at no risk of being damaged by water or any spills. For maximum durability, go for the sheet vinyl that has few seams when installing because it comes as one large piece. Seams can lead to moisture seeping through them hence deteriorating the life of the vinyl flooring.


Vinyl flooring is comfortable to walk on because it has a soft feel on your feet. The shock absorber nature makes it comfortable to walk on and stand on for a long time. Unlike ceramic tiles, it doesn’t get too cold during winter or too hot during summer. Install the appropriate underlayment to help cushion your feet and increase comfort when walking on the stairs.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Flooring

pros and cons of vinyl flooring on stairs

Surface Liability

The vinyl material that makes the soft cushion feel is prone to scratches and cuts. These damages may likely happen in the kitchen or areas with high traffic. The good thing about the tile vinyl is that the section that is damaged can be removed individually and replaced. Use coasters or food pads under the feet of your furniture to protect the vinyl in case of dragging.

Underlayment Issues

While vinyl does not need any special prepping of the sub-floor, if the floor is uneven or has dirt particles on it, then it will show on the vinyl. There will be noticeable bumps from particles on the surface of the vinyl, thus making it look untidy. Removing it, especially if it is the sheet vinyl, will not be an easy task. See the best underlayment for vinyl flooring for you.

It’s hazardous

The PVC material that makes vinyl emits poisonous gases that cause difficulties in breathing and irritation to the eyes to those people with alergies. This effect is strong when the vinyl flooring is fresh. However, manufacturers are aware of this toxic effect and are now producing vinyl flooring with fewer PVC levels in them.

Hard To Remove

Because of the strong adhesive used to install most types of vinyl flooring, removing them can be an uphill task. Once the adhesive bonds with the sub-floor, removing it becomes very hard. Even though you can remove it with scrapping tools and cleaners, it will still take a very long time.

Is The Vinyl Floor Suitable For Stairs?

Vinyl floor is suitable for stairs since it gives a harmonious and complete décor to many homes. The vinyl flooring is also great for the stairs because of the small size and ease of installation. But if you need to cover the corners of the stairs, use a sheet vinyl since it spreads out widely and at once.

Moreover, you can go for stair treads made of vinyl; either way, a correct layout will give you a flawless finish.

Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed On The Stairs?

The luxury vinyl flooring, even though expensive, it is the best option to be used on the staircase. Because of its many layers, the luxury vinyl creates a better looking and performing floor, including the stairs. Its thickness is what gives it a more solid hardwood or ceramic feel. The luxury vinyl is also best for your stairs since it comes with just ceramic and wooden looks. These designs are ideal for those who don’t want to add a lot of flair to the stairs. A plain look is always a good idea.

Do stairs and floor have to match?

This depends on the look you want to get from your floor and stairs. In most cases, you can just coordinate the floors and stairs, not necessarily match. You can use the same type of vinyl and finishing for both the floors and the stairs, or match just the first two sets of stairs. However, there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up to get the look you desire.


Vinyl flooring has become a favorite to modern home owners, and veterans a like. This is thanks to its simplicity, affordability, and versatility. It is ideal for spaces that require secure cleaning routines and water-proof. Some models may emit some harmful smells, so check customer reviews and consult professionals before purchasing one. Some of them may also be easily damaged, so take good care, especially when dealing with furniture, or when you have vinyl flooring in your kitchen. Either way, this is a cheaper and efficient way to give your house the coveted hardwood and ceramic tile look.

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