What Color Hardwood Floor Is Best for Resale? Timeless Color Options

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There are several aspects a homeowner needs to take into account when they want to make the most of their living quarters or if they want to increase the value of their property.

A common query relates to the best color scheme for a hardwood floor. Your color choice sets the tone for a space and can tell a lot about the personality of the individual living within the residence.

Does the color of hardwood floors affect the resale value?

A hardwood floor color can have a significant effect on a home’s resale value. Individual homeowners have unique tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing the perfect floor color. But if you are looking to put up your house for resale, it’s helpful to know that some floor colors sell better than others.

Current trends indicate that the bulk of the population prefers shades of brown to darker hues for their home flooring needs. A common argument for choosing such colors is that such shades are highly adaptable and can easily complement different room designs.

It is also vital to consider the effect of natural lighting on the wood. Wood flooring suffers from sun damage on continuous exposure to bright light. Choosing the right color can not only reduce the effects of oxidation on your floor but might also give your space a more elegant look.

Here are some suggestions on the best hardwood floor colors for resale.

What color of hardwood floor is best for resale?

Hardwood flooring comes in different color options depending on the type of wood, applied stains, etc. Choosing an ideal color depends partly on your tastes and (if the need arises) when increasing the property value of your house during resale.

 Some of the best hardwood floor colors include:

Classic/Authentic Hardwood Colors

Natural hardwood comes in a wide range of colors, shades, and tones that give you numerous design options for your floor. You can find colors ranging from red, brown, yellow, beige, etc.

Dark hardwood floors are highly regarded by clients and offer the best resale value for your home. Such colors are versatile and can easily uplift the mood within your home irrespective of the underlying undertones.

A classic example relates to the “Scandinavian Modern” look that combines minimalism, natural light, and the different shades of brown flooring to give your room a fitting finish.

Yellow tan oak hardwood finishes might seem more traditional than other options. The color choice can be instrumental in giving your space a warm rustic finish which explains the continuous interest among property buyers.

You can decide between walnut, honey, cherry, and additional shades to give your flooring an appealing touch at moderate costs. The Yellow color creates a soft appeal ideal that complements chrome, brass, and warmer tones of brown.

Hardwood Stain Colors

Hardwood stain colors are a popular and cost-effective alternative for home maintenance, improvement, and repair. A homeowner looking to improve on the resale value of their property can consider different hardwood stain colors for their floor.

Darker floor colors give off an aura of sophistication but, lighter shades can make a room feel bigger. Choosing the best hardwood color stain can be a challenging task for a homeowner, especially if you are looking to maximize the resale value of your property.

You can decide between different color stains such as soft red-brown hues, gray, brown-coffee stains, whitewash, and dark close to black shades. (depending on your house design, location, and personal preferences).

Dark colors are ideal for large spaces with a bold ultra-modern feel. The color choice is especially suited for a minimalist personality with a contemporary perspective on home decor. The color dominates the wooden floor and shifts a viewer’s attention to corresponding undertones within the space.

Gray hardwood stains are a very trendy color choice. The stain gives off a calm, elegant modern look that complements the natural lighting of your living space. Gray is an ideal color choice for a homeowner looking to enhance different undertones while maintaining a contemporary modern look.

Brown hardwood color stains give off an aura of warmth and acceptance. The stains correspond with furniture of similar shades and create a cozy feel within a living space. If you have a small room, it’s best to opt for brown and softer color stains in part because of the visual effect.

You can also opt to have patterned wood stains on your hardwood floor. Patterns add a feeling of complexity and uniqueness to your living space. You can choose between different styles that include dark brown stripes, checked wood stains, etc.

Most timeless hardwood floor colors

Some hardwood floors always seem to stand the test of time. Natural hardwood flooring remains a valuable investment even in modern times. Homes with a hardwood floor finish continue to attract higher returns compared to others with alternative floors.

Dark Brown Hardwood floor colors have always attracted higher valuations for homes in past years. Buyers describe the finish as durable and high-quality, and it complements different types of furniture colors well.

Light brown shades also serve as quality finishes for a home. Most buyers consider the softer shades more authentic, classic traditional finishes that add warmth to a living space. The colors also make a room seem better aerated and offer an attractive soft touch to any home.

Can you restain hardwood floors to increase house value?

You can restain a hardwood floor and increase a home’s overall value. However, the process is not as easy as adding an extra layer to the existing surface.

Restaining a hardwood floor is a labor-intensive investment that involves sanding (to remove the top layer), applying appropriate stains, and returning the wood to its original look.

It is always better to have your hardwood floor refinished by a professional, especially when the flooring is for commercial use. You can also opt to handle the project yourself, but you might need some tools and a little bit of know-how.

Start by sanding your hardwood flooring (using an orbital sander) before wiping your hardwood floor clean using a wet rug. You can remove stubborn stains using mineral spirits to ensure a quality finish on your project.

The wood must be seamless and clean before you apply stain and allow it to dry. Work over a two-foot area with lambswool applicators to make sure you reach every surface of the floor.

 Add a glossy finish to hardwood stain as a protective coating.

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