Shaw Carpet Flooring Review: Price, Durability + Options

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What is Shaw Carpet Flooring? Shaw Carpet Flooring Review: Price, Durability and Options

Carpet flooring is not just a trend that can improve the value of your home. When installed correctly, it can help retain heat and lower your electricity bill. One such flooring is the Shaw Carpet.

Shaw Carpet flooring has a variety of styles and options to choose from, most of which are durable to the extent that the company offers lifetime warranties on them. Their carpet flooring technologies include the R2X system, Anso Nylon, Stainmaster Nylon, and a few more.

Below, I’ve done a full review of Shaw Carpet Flooring to provide you with the complete details about this brand, the pros and cons, prices, durability, and other important information you want to know before buying.

What is Shaw Carpet Flooring?

Shaw is a leading American brand when it comes to flooring products. Their range of products includes vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, and carpet flooring. They offer a wide range of carpeting options- which are highly reviewed by homeowners due to their superior aesthetics and functionality.

Types and Styling Options

Shaw Flooring stocks a diverse collection of carpet products, with up to 351 different styles available for customers to choose from. From vivid style aesthetics like red and gold to more subtle options like grey and beige, they seem to have everything in stock.

These various styles fall under six general collections under the Shaw brand. Each of these collections is discussed in detail below:


The Bellera collection is Shaw Flooring’s top carpet brand. Bellera carpets are available in up to ten different styles which all feature protective backing against spillages. Shaw also offers a 30-day product replacement guarantee for their Bellera carpets.


This collection places a focus on vivid styles and patterns. If you’re looking to showcase your personal taste through your carpet flooring, you should browse through the TruAccents collection. TruAccents carpets are not just all about the feel and look- though- as they also factor in practicality. The featured padding- for instance- provides moisture protection and a warm underfoot feel. You can choose from 17 different designs under this collection.


This collection offers less in terms of style options (8), but more in terms of tints and shades (80). Therefore- if you’re looking for carpeting that fits in with the rest of your room’s color aesthetics, there’s certainly something for you here. Also, you get the added advantage of the brand’s resilient Anso Nylon carpet blend.


Carpets in this collection feature soft construction for unmatched warmth and coziness. And with 30 different style options, there’s something for everyone. Caress carpets also boast the ultra-durable, anti-soil Anso Nylon carpet technology. One of these will- therefore- last you a lifetime.

Finally, when you invest in a caress carpet, you’ll get lifetime protection against staining. This is further backed by a 20-year warranty against loss of texture.

Simply the Best

This is Shaw Flooring’s budget-friendly collection. While they’re not as wear-hardy as the high-end collections like Bellera, they still boast a decent level of wear resistance and provide the best value for your money. The only downside is that it comes in only one style design. Nevertheless, there are still nine different color options to pick from.


Finally, Shaw Flooring retails the Foundations collection, which features the Anso Nylon blend. As such, Foundations carpets boast great spillage and stain protection. In terms of aesthetics, the focus is more on formal tones and shades. They are- therefore- best for contemporary commercial/corporate spaces. There are 29 designs in this collection.


Shaw carpet flooring products feature a diverse range of technologies that contribute to their top-notch overall performance. The various technologies are discussed in detail below:

R2X System

This technology is basically a premium-quality carpet treatment that is the brand’s exclusive creation. With R2X, you can sit easy knowing that deep spills won’t cause significant damage to your carpeting.

Stainmaster Nylon

Designed to prevent deep staining, this technology is a great solution especially for families with pets.

ClearTouch Polyester

This carpeting technology is designed to give carpets unmatched resilience to stains and spills. In fact, Shaw as a brand is so certain of its stain-prevention capabilities that they offer lifetime warranties against the same.

ClearTouch carpets are also eco-friendly products, as they feature 25-50% of recycled plastic construction. It’s- therefore- a great product for homeowners who’re interested in minimizing their environmental impact.

Anso Nylon

Most types of traditional carpet flooring products wear out fast due to pet urine and stool. This is where Shaw’s anti-soil technology- Anso Nylon- comes in. This carpet blend boasts hardy construction and lifetime warranties against pet soiling.

All Nylon/ All Polyester

These two are the fundamental technologies that are blended into Shaw carpeting products. They offer great cushioning and aesthetic appeal. However, the aforementioned technologies supplement the All Nylon and All Polyester carpet blends to give Shaw carpet flooring products their top-notch functionalities.


The various technologies and treatments incorporated into Shaw carpet flooring products give them superior durability over products from most other carpet brands.

You get anti-spill protection, anti-stain protection, anti-soil protection, and even protection against water damage. And as a show of faith as to how hard-wearing and long-lasting their products are, Shaw Flooring offers lifetime warranties for most of their carpet collections.

Price List and Installation Cost

The cost of Shaw carpet flooring varies widely depending on the collection the carpet falls under. For instance, under the affordable Foundations collection, carpets retail at only $15-$25 per square yard. Mid-grade options- like those under the Colorwall collection- cost a bit more at $35-$45 per square yard. Finally, premium-grade collections like Caress are the costliest, retailing at $65-$100 per square yard.

Shaw CarpetCost Range Per Yard
Normal quality carpets15$-25$
Mid-grade carpets35$-45$
Premium Grade Carpets65$-100$

Shaw flooring also stocks two types of carpet pads that you can purchase to give your carpet additional protection. These include the Charity eight-pound and the Victorious 10-pound. You can- therefore- factor these into your total purchasing costs.

To ensure your carpet is properly installed without leaving any gaps, you should let a carpet installation professional do the work for you. They typically charge about $3-$5 per square yard for such services. Note- however- that the charges may vary depending on your location. However, if you want your Shaw carpet to be installed by a Shaw contractor, expect to part with up to $6 per square yard.

Advantages of Shaw Carpet Flooring

As you’ll see below, I’ve indicated a few great features and advantages you’ll get when you install Shaw Carpet Flooring. In my review, I found the warranty, stain resistance, and aesthetics to be stand-out points.

Let’s look deeper into the advantages.

Better stain resistance

Shaw carpets boast the superior R2X stain-resistance system that works by effectively repelling stains and also giving owners significant time to react to spills. What’s more, the R2X doesn’t wear off even if you clean the carpet, which means you don’t have to keep reapplying it like some topical treatments on the market. It- therefore- offers the best value for money when it comes to stain and soil resistance for carpeting.

Superior carpet backing

Shaw’s Softbac Platinum carpet backing offers better flexibility compared to traditional carpet backing systems. What’s more, it’s softer and boasts greater resilience to wrinkling.


While Shaw Carpet flooring may be so good, there’s a little on the downsides. These carpets are generally expensive, but in my opinion, the benefit outweighs the price tag especially if you consider the carpets from a lifespan point of view.

Here’s the main disadvantage of Shaw Carpets.

May be difficult to install

Some types of Shaw carpet flooring feature a tough plastic backing that doesn’t stretch, making them hard to install. What’s more, installation of Shaw carpet flooring may involve specific cutouts for a proper fit, making DIY installation a difficult process.

Shaw vs Stainmaster Carpet Flooring

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