Seamless Flooring Options & Benefits

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Weldless Flooring

Seamless polymer floorings are also known as weldless flooring. It is good flooring for commercial and industrial buildings. It can also be used in patient rooms, labs, trauma centers, laundry areas, etc. Imagine working with a floor that fully supports your workplace environmental condition. 

Weldless Floor

Seamless flooring will help you avoid; hazards to your employees, visitors and even downtime for repairs. Weldless floors can help avoid interruptions in your business, but choosing the right environment is paramount.

Seamless Polymer Flooring Options

The most commonly used seamless polymer flooring are epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, or polished concrete. Here are some pros and cons of seamless flooring.

1. Seamless Polymer Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a good floor coating, extremely strong, brittle, and is a great option for car parks, garages, warehouses. Its the best seamless polymer floor that can withstand heavy machinery. however, Seamless Epoxy Flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One major epoxy flooring problem is that hybrid water-based epoxies do degrade. When garage epoxy flooring two-part water-based is used, it may degrade in just a few years and require some upkeep.

2. Seamless Polymer Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane flooring just like epoxy is a resinous floor coating. But, It’s not as strong as epoxy to withstand heavy machines like forklifts. It does withstand other types of floor damages. It’s still resilient and very resistant to handle caustic chemicals. It’s costly to install although its longevity means a better ROI in the long term.

3. Seamless Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete flooring is made by grinding the concrete slab with diamond-based scrubbers until flat with a shiny appearance. A quick application of waterproof coating helps to seal the concrete slab to protect against moisture damage. Polished concrete makes an extremely hard, durable, and eco-friendly floor with an attractively unique appearance. The only major downside is that concrete is susceptible to cracking.

What is Seamless Flooring? 

Seamless floors are generally floors without joints, ridges or seams. They are made from products like urethane, epoxy, or methyl methacrylate formulations. They are poured in place on the building and become part of the building structure. 

Laundry Seamless Floor

Things to consider

  • Weldless flooring is one of the hygienic considered floors for healthcare. When it comes to infectious diseases, the floor becomes part of infection control practices. It is also highly durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • Seamless flooring is available for every environment. To make the right choice consider the following questions: Is it for high traffic areas? Will it involve the use of heavy machinery? Is there high heat, or extreme temperatures? Will there be contact with water or moisture on a daily basis.
  • Take into consideration the following type when dealing with seamless concrete flooring. How to Clean Concrete Floor in Basement. How to Clean Sealed Concrete Floors? How to Clean Unsealed Concrete Floors.

These are just a few considerations that would help make the correct choice for weldless flooring products.

  • In case you want to custom your flooring in terms of design, color, finishes, texture or pattern. Custom logo, patterns, color or any other adjustments needed to meet your working environmental specifications.
  • Consider talking or engaging experts: knowledgeable salesman, architectural, engineering or design team. This will ensure once installed it will serve the uniques needs for your business and it’s successes. Remember you need a flooring that will last and avoid interruptions that may increase overhead expenses.

Benefits of seamless

What are the benefits of epoxy or seamless flooring?

  1. Seamless: Seamless floors have no seams, ridges or joints. They are poured flooring that becomes part of the building.
  2. Low maintenance: They are easy to clean since they have no ridges or joints that trap materials.
  3. Chemical resistance: the Epoxy floor is resistant to chemical spills and splashes ( acids, alkalis, solvents). This flooring protects your floor from any corrosive elements.
  4. Customs design and decoratives: Customs designs and decoratives may be made in showrooms, public areas. They can achieve very appearing strong durable decorative qualities of epoxy.
  5. Durability: Wear-resistant epoxy can withstand high mechanical and human traffic. An epoxy floor can also withstand scratches, dirt, grime and routine cleaning for many years.
  6.  Reflectivity: The Epoxy floor is also available in different reflectivity. They are available in gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes. different gloss levels provide different finishes capable of proving better lighting on space.
  7. Good dissipative floor: Epoxy flooring is good in inhabiting static electricity on a person and machines.

Appropriate areas for Seamless Flooring

  1. Healthcare: as mentioned, seamless flooring is good for healthcare flooring. it is easy to clean, scratch and dirt stain resistance and highly durable or long-lasting.
  2. Manufacturing: seamless flooring is used in areas used for packaging, manufacturing, warehousing, chemicals. Pharmaceuticals- weldless floors are good for pharmaceutical products processing, packaging, and labs. Seamless flooring provides hygienic flooring. Automotive-automotive production and garage requires a highly durable and reliable floor. Weldless floors are able to withstand up chemicals abrasion and heavy human and machinery traffic. Aerospace-weldless flooring is good for use in aerospace industries. It is well known for its chemical resistance. it is also beneficial for areas used for aircraft maintenance.

3. Trading areas; Retail and wholesales. Seamless floors are a perfect solution for retail and wholesale environments. With customized design, texture and finish, it can help distinguish you from your competitors. Epoxy flooring is the best floor solution for your trading area 

4. Education: School colleges and universities are high traffic areas. seamless flooring is a good stain and spill-resistant flooring option for your institution. Besides, the education center may need noise reduction which customized epoxy provides.


Cleaning and maintaining a seamless epoxy floor is an easy procedure. However, remember each environment has its own consideration. Ensure you attain epoxy floor specific requirements and standards for durability and comfort.

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