How Do You Remove Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors?

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scratches on laminate floor

Despite the durability of laminate floors, scratches, scrapes, and dents are inevitable. Whether the damage comes from moving heavy furniture, children’s toys, or accidentally dropping something heavy, your floors take a beating over time and the wear and tear is less than visually appealing.

There are various options for getting rid of scratches, scrapes, and dents on your laminate floor. We take a look at some of them below.

How to Remove Scratch Marks on Laminate Flooring

For starters, sanding is not an option when it comes to laminate floors. The same also goes for scouring, buffering, and wire brushing. Using any of these methods will damage your laminate surface. You should also avoid using strong chemicals.

Still, you have lots of options to choose from. This article also includes a look at ways to prevent such scratches and a review of some of the best scratch mark removers on the market right now.

scratch on laminate flooring

1. Apply Wax Filler Sticks, Pencils, and Markers

For minor scratches, you can use wax-filler sticks—also known as wax pencils, wax markers, or touch up pencils. Before getting started, make sure that you are using a wax stick that matches the floor color. 

Next, prep the affected area by cleaning it with a damp, soft cloth. Once the area is dry, gently apply the wax stick until the scuff marks completely disappear. Wipe the area clean to remove any excess wax.

2. Apply Melted Crayon

Who knew that breaking down crayons into small pieces then melting them in a microwave could produce a legitimate floor filling material? Well, it does. After you’ve prepped the scraped surface by wiping, dab the melted crayon over the marks to conceal them.

Ensure to use a microwave-safe bowl when melting the crayon and that the crayon is the same color as your laminate flooring. Also, wait for the melted crayon to cool down before applying it.

3. Apply Colored Putty

For deep dents and chips, putty is the best solution. After preparing the colored putty, use a putty knife to fill in the dents. Ensure to wipe off any excess putty before it dries up on the floor.

4. Replace the Damaged Plank

If the scratches on the floor are too deep to an extent that the above remedies can’t successfully conceal them, you can replace the affected plank with a new one. You’ll have to take care, though, when installing the new laminate floorboard so it doesn’t  cause damage to the adjacent planks.

5. Use Burn-in Sticks

Another way to repair major dents and scrapes on laminate flooring is by investing in a laminate floor repair kit. Most laminate floor repair kits come with burn-in sticks—a special type of filling made from hard resins that is applied using an electric knife. 

All you need is a few drops from the stick. Let the resin dry completely before walking over the area or putting anything on that section of the floor.

Due to the risk of electric shock involved, you should ensure to take the proper safety measures when applying the burn-in sticks filling. It’s advisable to read the application instruction manual that comes included within the product packaging.

6. Dab the Floor with Toothpaste

Toothpaste and WD 40 (a popular degreasing product) are some of the other materials that you can use to get rid of scuff marks on laminate floors—especially minor scratches. All you have to do is to dab the toothpaste/WD 40 on the scratch marks until they disappear. Afterward, use water and vinegar to clean any paste residue.

How to Prevent Scratch Marks on Your Floors

Why go through all the struggle of having to rid your laminate floors of scratch marks when you can simply prevent them? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can keep your floors free of scuff marks, chips, and dents.

1. Clean the Floor Regularly

Certain types of debris, like rocks and sand, can leave scratch marks on the floor—especially if the house’s occupants continue to step on it. That’s why having a regular maintenance routine to get rid of dirt and debris is crucial.

2. Use Rugs

Carpets are not only great for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their functional role in protecting laminate floors from chips and dents. Place an area rug on your children’s play area to protect your laminate flooring, as some types of toys have sharp edges that could cause damage to the floor. Rugs are also a great floor protection tool if you have pets with sharp claws.

3. Pad Your Furniture

Whenever you have to move your sofas and tables, dragging them across the room will likely leave behind unsightly scratches on your floor. Kids, too, tend to enjoy play-dragging chairs around. To prevent floor damage from furniture, you can glue tiny pieces of felt under your furniture legs. Alternatively, try a homemade padding solution. For example, gluing pieces of rubber and rug cut-outs works just as well.

5 Best Scratch Removers for Laminate Flooring

If you’re in the market for a commercial scratch remover for your laminate floors, we’d recommend the following products, based on how fast and effective they are.

Scratch Remover Name +Brand Features My Rating Reviews
rejuvenate-all-floors-restorrer-and-polish-fills-in-scartches-pretects-and-restores-shine Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer
  • Best for laminate, vinyl and wood floors.
  • Requires no sanding& fast drying and easy to mop.
Inspired laminate floor scartch remover Inspired Laminate Floor Scratch Remover
  • Polishes and restores your laminate floor lustre.
  • powerful easy to use and restore laminate formula
problem solved laminate floor scuff and scratch remover Problem Solved Laminate Floor Scuff & Scratch Remover
  • Easy to use and restore laminate scuffs and scratch marks.
  • Restores the laminate floor in minutes to its former shine and glory.
Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Restorer kit Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit – Restorer 
  • Restore almost all wood, cherry, walnut, engineered wood flooring.
  • Easy to use filler with no no glue, pen, marker, wax, paint needed
Laminate floor repair kit for wood surface scratch repair kit Laminate Floor Scratch Repair kit Design
  • Has 11 colors to choose from.
  • Easy to use, fill, and fix scratch remover.

1. Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer

For deeper scratches, this is the commercial solution we’d recommend. On top of effectively removing the scratches, it adds a layer of a protective coating against UV light, ensuring your laminate floors don’t fade. What’s more, it will dry up less than an hour after application.

The best laminate scratch remover; Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer and Polish Fills in Scratches Protects & Restores Shine

2. Inspired 150ml Laminate Floor Scratch Remover

This product will restore your laminate flooring to its original state within minutes by covering up any minor scrape marks and dents. The easy to use solution also adds some gloss to your floor surface.

Best laminate scratch remover; Inspired-laminate-floor-scratch-remover

3. Problem Solved Laminate Floor Scuff & Scratch Remover

This wax-based product from Problem Solved is a great scuff and scratch mark remover. Not only does it conceal the scratches, but also adds some shine to your laminate finish.

Best laminate scratch remover: Problem Solved Laminate Floor Scuff & Scratch Remover

Important Considerations

It’s important to note that different degrees of damage will require different methods for removing scratches. What works for deep scratches may not work for minor scratches and vice versa. Familiarizing yourself with the different methods is the best approach to repairing scratches, scuff marks, and dents on your laminate floors.

You should also consider whether you can safely use some of these methods without hurting yourself or those around you (like when using the electric knife to apply burn-in sticks).

Floors That Look Like New Again 

Following the recommendations above will help you remove scratches from your laminate flooring and protect them with the best preventative measures. 

Good luck!

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