Can You Use Old English on Wood Floors?

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Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors?

Installing wood floors is no doubt an expensive venture. Likewise, avoiding scratches is almost inevitable, especially in a home with kids and pets. Old English is made of ingredients like mineral spirits, liquefied and sweetened petroleum gases, Dimethicone, and Cyclotetrasiloxane. But can I use Old English polish on wood floors?

Old English scratch covers can be used on wooden floors and any other surfaces. It has been in use for more than 100 years to hide and cover nicks, scratches on engineered hardwood and laminate floors, and any wood furniture to restore its natural beauty.

Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors?

You can use an Old English scratch cover to cover any nicks and scratches on your wood floor. The following are some of the reasons why we recommend the product:

Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors?
  • The product hides unsightly scratches on your wood floor and wood furniture like chairs and tables.
  • Besides, the nick and scratch cover adds an oil nourishing layer to your wood floor or furniture that hides the nicks and scratches. It also conditions it, thereby leaving a pristine and beautiful shiny surface.
  • Eliminating scratches and nicks reduces the risk of skin injury, clothing damage, and any other risks associated with rough surfaces.
  • The product is available in your store for use on both light and dark woods.
  • Given that the polish is made of oil, it adds a protective layer to your wood flooring. This, in turn, makes your wood flooring less susceptible to water and moisture damage. Besides, it prevents your surface from holding on to dirt.
  • Applying your wooden floor with Old English scratch cover makes its maintenance an easy task.
  • Using this product will give your surface a restoring touch, since the surface will look bright and new. This makes Old English the best choice to use on worn out and old wood floors.
  • Cleaning your wooden surfaces is much easier. This is because Old English protects your surface against stains. The polish does not allow the penetration of stains into the wood.
  • The Old English polish is also compatible for use on any type of wood. All you need to know is the type of wood used on your surface so that you can purchase the right type of polish.
  • This product is a multi-purpose product that is used to restore damaged surfaces like cabinets, wood floors, paneling, and other wood furniture by hiding scratches.
  • Old English products last a long time. Once you have applied the coat, it will take a while for you to apply another coat. This way, you get value for your money.
  • Old English polish is reasonably-priced, guaranteeing you value for your money.
  • Finally, the scratch cover is available in both spray and oil formulas. This gives you the option of choosing the most convenient and suitable product between the two.

Having mentioned several benefits of using Old English polish, we need to also inform you about what the product does to your wood floors.

What Does Old English Do To Wood?

The Old English scratch and nick cover restores damaged wood surfaces, giving them a fresh, luxurious, and natural look of beauty. Besides, the polish prevents water and moisture from damaging your wood since it is made of oil.

 For example, Old English Wood Polish Aerosol has a protective shield that helps protect your wood against any watermarks besides crayon and wax, among other stains. It is also worth noting that Old English polish comes in different colors and scents, like lemon, citrus, and almond. You might also be wondering whether Old English Wood Polish protects your wooden surfaces.

Does Old English Protect Wood?

The good news for you is that Old English polish does not only clean your wood surfaces but also protects them. Old English protects your surface against all forms of stains by not allowing the stains to penetrate into the wood. It removes stains and prevents cracking of your wood. Besides, it gives your wooden floor a nice scent. If you want to apply it to unfinished surfaces, then you can consider using lemon oil.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors With Old English

Having seen what Old English polish does to the wood, let’s explore ways in which you can use it to clean hardwood floors in your house. You can apply the oil polish using a soft, dry, clean rag that absorbs the oil. When applying, ensure that you apply a thin layer beginning with the grain of the wood. Leave the oil for about 30 seconds and then wipe off the excess oil. You can again polish to create a clean, deep, and rich luster using another piece of cloth. Allow the polish to dry for 20 minutes before you again wipe it dry to remove heavy wax.

Remember, you can also mix lemon oil with other floor cleaners if the place to be cleaned is very dirty. The main purpose of using lemon oil in cleaning the floor is because it will lift up very stubborn dirt, making the cleaner more efficient. If you are considering applying the Old English polish yourself, the following guidelines may be of great help to you.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to use a wood cleaner to clean the surface in order to remove debris.
  • You can use steel wool or sandpaper to rub the scratch area with the grain of the wood surface.
  • Buff the scratch. This helps to remove a thin layer of paint from the scratched area, as a result, removing any scratches and any damage. The end result is a smooth, painted surface that restores the original luxury look of your wood surface.
  • Blend the edges. You may consider rubbing your wood scratches with a paste of mineral oil mixed with pumice. Use a fine sandpaper to rub the mixture into the scratched area. You can wipe it with a clean, dry piece of cloth.
  • Use a wax stick. This will help you apply wax to the scratches to remove them.
  • Buff the area you have been working on. This means that you have to smooth or shine it by rubbing it.

Now that you are able to apply an Old English scratch cover, you might be wondering whether you can use it to stain your wooden floor.

Does Old English stain wood?

Always remember that, instead of using stain, you can use Old English Scratch Cover on dark wood. When you use Old English on your wooden floor, it absorbs into the dry wood. It can stain at the same time. It’s an oil-based product that rubs dirt. You will realize that using Old English seals the wood to make it look like it has been varnished.

Old English wood polish before and after

Old English wood polish before and after

Old English cover will leave your wood floor with its natural beauty, hide scratches from pets and protect the floor from moisture, stains and scratches.

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