The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring Brands On The Market

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Vinyl plank flooring has one of the fastest-growing markets, and it’s no wonder why. Vinyl planks are gorgeous, durable, and mimic the look and texture of a real hardwood floor for a fraction of the price.

Replacing an old floor or installing a new one in your home is truly a time-consuming process. Many things can go wrong if you aren’t paying attention or if this is your first rodeo. Not measuring the space properly, cutting the tiles or planks incorrectly, or simply not laying the pieces according to the planned layout are just some examples. There are tons of questions in the minds of anyone who wants a new vinyl plank floor for their space, starting with the best brands to buy from.

To put your mind at ease! I’ve thoroughly surveyed the market and compiled a comprehensive guide of the best and most affordable vinyl plank flooring brands you can find. 

Proximity Mills

Best value offered: $3.50-7 sq per ft

There are many reasons for including Proximity Mills in this list, but the number one reason is the value they offer. Their planks stand out because, according to the manufacturers, the company also makes LVP planks for higher-end brands, and Proximity Mills also acts as a distributor for the products.

What sold me on this brand was its ideology and its focus on environmentalism and sustainability, which is quite impressive considering the prices that they’re offering. All of their products are durable with an SPC core and come in tile and wood-like varieties with tons of sizes for planks to choose from.

Their planks are known for their durability with a wear layer that’s up to 22 mils thick and UV resistant with ceramic infused beads that provide it with the strength it needs.

Top Product By The Brand: Luxury Vinyl Plank: Suwannee River in Arcadia


Best value offered: $4-$10 per sq. ft

Doma is one of the best vinyl plank brands and offers the most stylish luxury vinyl planks on the market, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the company’s aesthetic is bold and loud in all the best ways.

While you get to see the same styles of woods everywhere (like oak, mahogany, and hickory), Doma has one of the best collections of new and nonstandard wood designs that are breathtaking. So, if you’re looking to make a fashion statement with your floors, Doma is your brand!

Doma offers both tile and wood looks with around 7 different collections in the luxury vinyl plank category, and almost all of their products are installed by gluing them down on the floor in a way that compensates for plank floor expansion and contraction. Their vinyl floors are equipped with high-strength SPC cores with multiple finish options and include underlayments that save you some extra bucks to have them installed separately.

The wear layer on these planks ranges from 12 to 22 mil, but the part that I found most interesting was that instead of offering just one layer, they incorporate two: 

  1. The first layer consists of polyurethane and Aluminum oxide, which is widely known as one of the most durable layers around.
  2. The second layer is of antimicrobial polyurethane, which isn’t common. This layer is infused with a microban that keeps your floors safe from most bacteria which means that it’s perfect if you have toddlers around the house.

Another great thing about this brand is that it’s FloorScore and GreenGuard certified, which means that most of its products are VOC-free. 

Top Product By The Brand: Luxury Vinyl Plank in Seatown Vibes


Best value offered: $2-$4.8 per sq. ft

I know that the words “budget-friendly” can have a negative connotation associated with them, and I get it, but Newton has changed the game here. They’ve redefined the way people perceive budget-friendly flooring thanks to their exceptional quality vinyl flooring options.

If you’re looking for flooring options that’ll easily last you a couple of decades or so AND look trendy in your home, then Newton is probably not what you want (a bit of a downer, I know!) But in most cases, these aren’t the qualities we look for when picking out a standard floor.

What you need is a hardcore solid floor at the best price possible, and Newton is the perfect place for that. Newton offers 10 different types of vinyl plank flooring options, all of which mimic the texture and look of wood. This added texture on vinyl is quite easy to keep clean and maintain. You also get a wide variation among the options, so you aren’t stuck with a monotone shade for all the planks.

I know how rare SPC products are, but it’s still great to see that Newton’s products are incorporated with SPC, which is why I’ve ranked it high on this list. They offer floating floors as well as glue-down floors, depending on which ones you pick.

Apart from the SPC core, Newton’s planks pass the durability test with polyurethane and aluminum oxide layers which make the planks way tougher than ordinary vinyl. Unfortunately, the planks can’t be recycled, but Newton offers low-VOC products and is FloorScore certified—plus they’re very easy to clean with a mop and maintain.

Top Product By The Brand: Luxury Vinyl Plank: Mystic in Cypress


Best value offered: $3.75-$9 per sq ft

Originally a UK-based company that distributes in several countries, including the United States. Their main focus is vinyl and they do one hell of a job!

They offer 11 collections in 3 primary formats which include a standard click-lock design, a glue-down feature, and a loose-lay. All of their designs are stone or wood-inspired.

The Karndean Vinyl planks come in several designs and dimensions to suit any space. Their rigid planks use the click-locking system, which makes the installation less of a hassle, but they also offer glue-down and loose-lay in the same categories. They also add an underlayment that adds a comforting touch when you walk on it and has sound dampening properties, so you can easily rock those heels whenever you want.

Karndean offers you the best of the best with their pure PVC and low VOC products. 

Top Product By The Brand: Knight Tile Gluedown: White Painted Pine KP105


Best value offered: $5-$10 per sq. ft

Known as the veterans in the flooring business, Shaw has been around for more than 50 years and has made a name for itself in manufacturing quality luxury vinyl planks in a wide variety of styles and designs. Their vinyl collection consists of around 74 styles.

They offer 2 different lines with wood polymer composite core and stone polymer composite of SPC core. Both of these have added texture after they’re finished. With a wide variety of dimensions in their planks, Shaw allows you to mix and match different sizes and create your own stylish, custom look, which is a unique feature to offer in vinyl planks.

The durability of Shaw’s planks varies depending upon which line you select. The Duratru line has a wear layer ranging from 12 to 20 mil, while the Floorte and Floorte Pro range from 12 to 30 mil, giving it the thickness and durability to last. This is an important factor to note because when it comes to vinyl, the price point depends on the wear layer of the plank.

Top Product By The Brand: Paragon HD + Natural Bevel: ORIEL


Best value offered: $6-$12 per sq. ft

COREtec Vinyl planks have elevated layers that have cork underlayment attached, which is one of the biggest clues that it’s a great vinyl plank flooring brand.

COREtec offers 3 different price points depending on their 3 distinct lines:

  1. COREtec Original (which was formed in place of COREtec Plus ) on average, costs between $7–$10.50 per sq. ft. 
  2. COREtec Advanced+ (which is the new SPC line for the company) costs around $9–$10 per sq. ft.
  3. COREtec Pro (previously known as COREtec Pro Plus) can cost you anywhere from $5‑$8 per sq. ft.

The great thing about COREtec and people’s faith in it is that it developed the first-ever waterproof core and has expanded to SPC solid vinyl core since then. All 3 collections they offer are waterproof and present with an underlayment of attached cork.

COREtec’s products have a 20mil commercial-grade wear layer that’s going to last you an easy 15 beautiful scratchless years, guaranteed. Another great thing to add is that COREtec offers a warranty of 25 years to a lifetime, depending upon which line you buy from. This brand has exceptional reviews from its users, and I can see why.

Top Product By The Brand: Waterproof Vinyl Plank Floorings


Best value offered: $4-$7 per sq ft.

In terms of size alone, Armstrong is the largest vinyl flooring manufacturer in North America. 

There’s a lot of hype surrounding their Diamond 10 technology that uses real, lab synthesized diamonds infused into their top wear layer, making it wear-resistant and unique.

Armstrong has 3 primary collections, the Luxe and Vivero with varying durability and PRYZM which is one of their newest editions with 20 styles and a cork attached underlayment and vinyl sheet flooring.

We’re well aware that diamond is the hardest mineral on the planet (thanks to 4th-grade science) and Armstrong infusing their wear layer with diamond technology proves that their wear layer provides maximum protection to the vinyl plank and increases its durability.

Since most of Armstrong’s products are made from recycled material, it would be advisable to ask your retailer about VOC emissions for specific products. But overall, with the properties that it offers within that shockingly affordable price range, it’s a catch!

Top Product By The Brand: Vivero Best


Best value offered: $2.8-$4 per sq ft.

Not to be a cold critic, but flooring companies run on old business models that don’t allow much room for simplicity, but Flooret has been the first to break that mold and openly adopt a new strategy.

Flooret’s direct-to-customer business model allows customers to buy vinyl flooring directly from the company’s website without having to deal with a distributor or a middle man. Not only is it great for a hassle-free transaction, but it also means that you get wholesale planks for much cheaper (since there’s no distributor to take a cut).

Flooret has stellar reviews, especially for its Modin line, which has 5 distinct styles in more than 45 colors. The wear layer is of the ceramic bead and UV protected in addition to an SPC (stone polymer composite) core layer.

The wear layer ranges from 20mil to 40mil, reaching up to a hulk-like strength.

Top Product By The Brand: The Modin LVP Collection

Mannington Mills

Best value offered: $4-$6 per sq ft.

Being in business for over 100 years, Mannington Mills is easily one of the largest manufacturers of luxury vinyl tiles. The company runs on new ideas and innovation, and it shows in its craftsmanship. Whether you run an office or want something for your gorgeous new home, Mannington Mills will always have something you need.

Mannington sells its line of residential planks under a new brand name called Adura, offering a wide range of designs (wood and stone) and technologies with SPC and WPC cores. Mannington’s residential WPC vinyl flooring planks under Adura include planks with a wear layer of 20mil, while their commercial line manufactures vinyl planks that have a wear layer ranging from 12 mils to 40 mils, making them incredibly durable and strong.

The great thing about Mannington is that almost all their products are low in VOCs, and they’re FloorScore certified. Plus, the price range at which they sell waterproof luxury vinyl, really doesn’t get better than this.

Top Product By The Brand: Adura Vinyl Plank


Which brand is best for vinyl plank flooring?

The best brands to install vinyl plank flooring are Shaw and COREtec because of their ease in installation, wide variety of designs, and durability.

What thickness is best for vinyl plank flooring?

The wear layer determines how durable your vinyl floors are going to be. The best thickness for vinyl plank flooring is around 12 mils to 20 mils because it’s the most durable. For residential vinyl flooring, 12 mil is the recommended thickness, while 28 mil is perfect for commercial spaces.

What should I look for when buying luxury vinyl plank flooring?

When shopping for vinyl floors, you’ll want to look for the plank’s stain, scratch, scuff, and water resistance abilities. The wear layer and its thickness also make a lot of difference in its durability and scratch resistance which is why vinyl floors with a thicker wear layer are more expensive. 

Who makes the most realistic LVP?

Shaw Flooring is famous for making the most realistic-looking luxury vinyl planks across America. They offer a wide variety of in-style selections without compromising their quality and durability. Shaw has been in the business for a long time and has always impressed its customers with raving reviews.

Get the Best Vinyl Plank Brands for Your Floors

Hopefully, you’ve gathered all the necessary information from this guide to select the right vinyl plank flooring brand for you. By now, you should know what makes up a good luxury vinyl plank and which brands offer you the best deal. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to which brand’s ideology you associate with and whose vinyl planks fit your style, needs, and budget. 

Let me know which brand you’re leaning towards in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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