The Best Carpet for Pets in Your Home

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Golden retriever sleeping on carpet

You and I both know that pets and carpets aren’t the best combination. Their little claws can wreak havoc on the delicate fibers, their fur can accumulate, and if they’re not house trained yet, they can leave accidental stains that may be difficult to get out. 

But how do you pick the best carpet for pets? Which are the most durable, stain-resistant, and easiest to clean? We’ll cover all that and more below.

Things to Consider When Buying Pet-Friendly Carpets

1. Materials 

There is a big pool of options when it comes to durable carpets which offer maximum satisfaction for pet owners. We can narrow down your search by starting with the basic requirement which is the material of these carpets. 


Wool is the softest material available in the market these days and the benchmark for what you require as a pet owner. It can last a very long time and to top it all off, it’s biodegradable. The sourcing of wool naturally is a more expensive process thus the higher price tag.  

Wool carpets don’t stain as easily as synthetic carpets. Since you can’t apply any coating for stain resistance, if a stain does occur, you need to clean it up while it’s still fresh. You can use products such as pine sol to clean these stains up and get rid of any pet odors. 


If we take a look at the more affordable carpet options, we can peruse a variety of synthetic ones. Most of the carpets in the market are made of nylon since it’s durable and the texture can last up to 15+ years. 

Since the carpet fibers are synthetic, they’re tougher to ruin and can resist wear and tear from the paws of your pets. Unlike wool, Nylon carpet is coated with stain-resistant materials to maintain its look even after multiple cleanings. The chemical treatments given to these materials help retain colors. 


Olefin carpet fibers are made up of plastic and although it doesn’t have the softest look and feel, it can resist heavy foot traffic and can accommodate more wear and tear. It can help fight water damage and odors while having the benefit of being an affordable carpet choice. 


Synthetically manufactured polyester carpets lie somewhere between nylon and wool. It’s cheaper than natural wool and softer than nylon while being less resistant to pet stains. Like other synthetic forms, polyester carpet is also available in a variety of colors. 


Although the material may have some similarities to nylon, it’s another option to go for something softer. The material is hydrophobic (water-repelling) in nature which makes it a strong candidate for pet owners.

2. Durability 

If you’re in the market for the best carpet for pets, you’re undoubtedly concerned with its durability above all else. Since fur babies come with claws that are sharper than knives (and refuse to let us trim them), your carpets need to be able to bear a daily dose of scratching.  It’s important to remember that the durability of your carpeting also relies on maintenance like vacuuming and steam cleaning on the regular. 

To ensure durability, you need to look for the appropriate carpet pile. Here’s a quick breakdown.

Loop Pile Carpets 

The fibers in this carpet are looped at the base which makes it more durable. The weakness of their structure is tested by the pet’s claws which can pull at these loops and ruin the structure of fibers. 

Cut Pile Carpets 

These carpet fibers are cut at the appropriate height and are less durable because the cut causes the structure to get weaker. But since there are no loops, your pet won’t get their claws stuck in the fiber and won’t cause damage. This quality makes cut pile carpets a much better fit for your home. 

3. Stain Resistance 

Oh, what it must be like to live as someone’s house pet… scratching and running around, and knocking things over. A pet will, by accident, of course, ruin anything nice you bring to the house and the carpets are no exception. 

Stains and spills are their constant companion and thus, one of the key features to consider when getting a pet-proof carpet. Most carpets are treated with a chemical coating that makes them hydrophobic (water-repellent). 

In case you’re using a coating that may wear out over time, you’ll have to redo the coatings after every few years. The more you take care of the carpets and monitor and remove stains right away, the longer you can go without purchasing a new one. 

4. Padding to Save Your Floors 

Consider carpet padding as the barrier between your carpets and the floors. Since it’s very easy for liquid to seep through the carpet to the floor, most pet owners are investing in carpet pads. This will make sure you don’t have to pay for a new floor even when your carpet has reached the end of its lifetime. 

5. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Speaking from a more molecular perspective, you need to go out and look for carpets that have a low count of VOCs. These are compounds found in fibers that can cause irritation and allergic reactions for your pets and for you! When out in the market, look for carpets that are Greenguard certified. 

Top 6 Pet-Friendly Carpets Available on the Market

1. Gorilla Grip Original Ultra-Soft Runner Area Rug

Price: $36.99

Product Specifications:

  • Tiny grip dots make it anti-slip
  • Faux chinchilla fabric makes it warmer
  • Machine washable 
  • Portable and not heavy 


  • Does not move or slip
  • Good for colder weathers  
  • Get rid of pet hair in washer
  • Durable


  • Vacuuming is not really an option

2. STAINMASTER PetProtect Textured Carpet

Price: $27.36

Product Specifications:

  • FHA-approved and CRI Green Label-certified carpet
  • Textured carpet made with nylon
  • Fibers do not cling to pet hair and spills


  • Stain and spill-resistant 
  • Odor and static-resistant 
  • Can be easily vacuumed 
  • Textured material maintains durability 


  • Can’t be ordered in bulk

3. Anderson Tuftex Faux Paw

Price: $5.19 / sq. ft. 

Product Specifications:

  • Wide range of colors
  • Fibers that do not cling to pet stains
  • Lifetime spill resistance 
  • Softbac Platinum Backing
  • Cut-loop pattern


  • Colors can match with any décor 
  • Easy to remove stains and spills 
  • Backing will help maintain floor integrity 


  • Loop pattern may cling to your pets’ claws  

4. Amdrebio Grass Green Furry Bedroom Carpet

Price: $52.88

Product Specifications:

  • Has the look and feel of soft grass 
  • Does not cost a lot to manufacture
  • Rubber support as backing 
  • Can be cleaned by vacuuming


  • Pets will think of it as grass and lay on it 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Can be regularly cleaned 
  • No color fading over time


  • Not machine washable 
  • Does not match all types of house aesthetics   

5. Lifeproof Playful Moments II Textured Carpet

Price: $41.31/sq.yard

Product Specifications:

  • Polyester, polypropylene, and triexta-blend fiber
  • Available in fade-resistant colors 
  • FHA approved and CRI Green Label Plus approved
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  • No added chemical layers 
  • Denser fibers 


  • 27 different color options
  • Non-fade 
  • Low VOC means no allergies and irritants 
  • Density gives it durability against most active pets
  • Annual cleaning needed with hot water method 


  • Is only available in smaller quantities
  • The density may cause dent marks from furniture placement 

6. Shaw Floors Subtle Aura

Price: $4.80 / sq. ft. 

Product Specifications:

  • 100% Anso Nylon with primarily polypropylene backing 
  • Made specifically for messy pets 
  • Sound absorption 
  • Stain and spill-resistant 
  • Softer and durable 


  • 12 different color options
  • Pets can sleep on it undisturbed due to noise resistance 
  • Can be easily cleaned 
  • Does not fade


  • Not available in single colors 

Final Verdict About The Best Carpets for Pets 

We’ve selected our top winners from the pet-friendly carpets above and here are the standings:

  • Most durable: Gorilla Grip Original Ultra-Soft Runner Area Rug
  • Best overall: Lifeproof Playful Moments II Textured Carpet
  • Most affordable: Amdrebio Grass Green Furry Bedroom Carpet
  • Best for active pets: STAINMASTER PetProtect Textured Carpet


What Type of Carpet Is Best if You Have Dogs?

In a house with dogs, you need low pile or cut pile carpets so their nails won’t get stuck in fibers. Nylon or polyester carpets are advisable since natural wool is more susceptible to staining and spillage. 

The carpet should be built in a way to resist dirt and spills from piling up and should be easier to clean. 

Shaw Floors Subtle Aura seems like the appropriate choice since it is soundproof and a patterned thud will not display any stains easily. 

Does Pet-Proof Carpet Work?

Pet proofing a carpet will require an extra layer of chemical coating on the carpet to ensure the carpet can fight off stains and spills better. This does cost a few extra bucks but customers have been happier with the results since it increases the lifetime of the carpets and makes them easier to clean and disinfect. 

What Does a Pet-Friendly Carpet Mean?

A pet-friendly carpet is exactly what it sounds like. A type of carpeting that can make it easier for pets to exist in your home. These carpets are usually spill-and-dirt-resistant to some extent, easily cleanable, do not cause any harm to the pets (have low VOCs), and are soft enough for your furry friends to lounge on them in their free time. 

Another specific quality that makes a carpet pet-friendly is one without loops so their nails and paws don’t get stuck in the fibers. 

What Is the Most Durable Carpet Type?

The Gorilla Grip Original Ultra-Soft Runner Area Rug is overall the most durable; it can easily be pet-proofed due to its synthetic fibers. It is anti-slip, and easily washable without causing any fades. The surest way to clean a carpet is to wash it and remove all spills and stains, and hair. 

Pet-Proof Carpets That Work For Your Pets (And You)

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. We do realize that pets are considered a part of the family and hence, require just as much consideration as everyone else when installing a new carpet. (And maybe a little more on account of their cuteness.)

Choosing a carpet is like choosing where your pet will spend most of its day. Spending your money wisely is essential. On the flip side, if you already have carpet installed and are thinking about getting a pet, it’s important to consider how cats and dogs may interact with the carpet and floors. You can also consider beginner-friendly pet fish as an alternative that won’t ruin your carpets. In any case, you’ll have many decisions to make with pet ownership.

I hope you enjoyed our time here together in this article. If you have any queries or questions (or feel like sharing some cute pet photos) feel free to comment below!

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