How to Dry Water under Vinyl Plank Flooring?

How to Dry Water under Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Got ridges and bubbles forming on your vinyl plank flooring or is it just discoloration and deteriorating adhesive, and seams? Or maybe, the vinyl floorboards are lifting at the edges. If you’ve noticed any of … Read more

How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Flooring?

How to Remove Scratches from Vinyl Flooring? Does vinyl plank flooring scratch easily?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a cost-effective, fashionable and attractive floor choice to have in your home or office. However, just like any other engineered flooring, it does get scratched from daily wear and tear. But, … Read more

Does Vinyl Flooring need Underlayment?

Does Vinyl Flooring need Underlayment?

Underlayment is a flooring installation- such as plywood, OSB, or fiberboard- that serves as a buffer between the subfloor and the floor surface. Underlayment works to improve the floor’s compression resistance, provide moisture protection, amongst … Read more

Can You Paint Vinyl Floors? [How to Paint]

Can you paint vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the commonly used floorings by developers and homeowners. Vinyl tiles are smaller and simple to lay on any room and stairs if you area DIYs. Vinyl sheet flooring is easy … Read more

Can You Use Vinyl Flooring for Outdoor Patio?

You’ve probably heard of these benefits of vinyl plank flooring, Easy to clean! Durable! Visually appealing!. But may be wondering whether you can install them on our outdoor patio as well? Yes, vinyl flooring can … Read more

How to Stagger Vinyl Plank Flooring

staggering vinyl plank flooring pattern repeat

Vinyl plank staggering is the process of installing vinyl planks that have been cut out at random lengths to create a staggering pattern at the end joints of adjacent rows of the vinyl planks. The … Read more

Vinyl Flooring on Stairs: Pros and Cons

vinyl flooring on stairs pros and cons

Are you looking for gorgeous, budget-friendly, and high-quality flooring for your house? Look no further because the present-day vinyl floors are a great option for many homeowners. They are not only cheaper than other flooring … Read more