Can You Use Old English on Wood Floors?

Can You Use Old English On Wood Floors?

Installing wood floors is no doubt an expensive venture. Likewise, avoiding scratches is almost inevitable, especially in a home with kids and pets. Old English is made of ingredients like mineral spirits, liquefied and sweetened …

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Why is Kilz Not Recommended for Flooring?

Homeowners often recommend using kilz to tackle common home improvements problems such as stubborn stains and unwanted odors. The product has a good reputation for its durability, cost, and ease of application. However, Kilz is …

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Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide on Hardwood Floors?

How to Clean Wood Floors with Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide works great as a chemical cleaning agent on various surfaces, including wood floors. It can effectively clean, disinfect, and deodorize your hardwood floor without bleaching out the color of your hardwood floor. Hydrogen …

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What Is Composite Wood Flooring? Types and Uses

Flooring choices differ depending on factors such as cost, durability, versatility, esthetic benefits, and environmental impact. If there is a flooring type that meets all these benefits and never goes out of style, it’s obvious …

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How to Clean a Linoleum Floor That is Yellowed

How to Clean Yellowed Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum floors remain attractive and create an elaborate finish that complements most modern spaces. However, linoleum floors can change color due to factors such as exposure to direct sunlight, oxidation, age, poor maintenance, and cleaning …

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How to Get Cat Urine Out of Wood Subfloor

Pet urine odor and stains in the wood subfloor can be unsightly. It’s sometimes bundled with a pungent-nauseating smell that’s cumbersome and costly to fix. Training your pet (cats to pee) may not be enough …

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How to Deodorize Subfloor

It’s not every day that you have the expertise to fathom what happens underneath your hardwood flooring. The plywood and other sealants for hardwood flooring may protect the subfloor from moisture and scratches. But if …

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How to Remove Carpet Glue from Wood Floors

Carpet adhesive is one of the best options for repairs, improving, and fixing the carpeting on your floor. – People often worry that removing carpet glue causes damage to their wooden floors. After removing your …

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