Floor Joist Cross Bracing

Whether you’re undertaking floor framing for your new home or are considering a floor renovation project- factoring in cross-bracing may be important. Cross braces boost your floor’s structural integrity, which we go into detail in … Read more

Floor Joist Blocking

Floor Joist blocking, installation methods and purpose

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Is Rubber Flooring Good for Basements

Rubber flooring can provide one of the eco-friendly, versatile, and long-lasting floors for your home. The rubber material is sturdy, resilient, and strong making it ideal for gym exercises and equipment. In addition, it blends … Read more

The Best Floor Cutters

Installing flooring materials require some precision cutting that may not be done by any other tool. Precision cutting is key when installing laminate and vinyl flooring for professional results whether you have hired a contractor or as … Read more

How to kill mold on porous flooring surfaces

Mold and mildew (mold in early stages) grow on porous flooring surfaces limestone, concrete, traditional unglazed tile and grout (both tile and grout are porous). It may start growing on damp surfaces within 24-48 hours and … Read more

Best Mold Removers

Having a mold-free environment is crucial, not only because mold is unsightly, but also due to cause health problems, it can cause to you and the family. Mold can cause upper respiratory tract problems and even the development of asthma. But which is … Read more