Glass Flooring Pros and Cons (Review)

Glass flooring

Glass flooring is increasingly gaining popularity amongst many homeowners- considering that it was mostly a reserve of commercial establishments looking to beef up the aesthetics of their business settings. The glass flooring system provides an … Read more

How to Remove Grout Haze

How to remove grout cloudy haze

Got a white or cloudy residue building up on the surface of your grout lines? That’s grout haze and it can be quite unsightly, especially if the build-up is severe. Fortunately, you can remove grout … Read more

How Do You Clean Terrazzo Floors?

How Do You Clean Terrazzo Floors?

Terrazzo floors are made by combining marble chips and natural stone chips using a cement binder. As such, terrazzo flooring has high maintenance requirements- just like marble. To maintain the shiny finish on your terrazzo … Read more