Eco-Friendly Flooring: Green & Sustainable Floor Ideas

Eco-friendly Floor

Many traditional floors were made from flooring materials dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels like vinyl, polyester, and nylon carpets. However, this has changed with the environmental sustainability agenda. Currently, many people are looking to go … Read more

Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Laminate Floor

Laminate is one of the popular, durable, and dependable flooring. It’s an alternative to hardwood floors with even a stone-like option and a variety of designs to choose from. Laminate flooring is made from layers … Read more

What is Travertine Tile? Pros & Cons (Reviews)

Travertine tile is cut from a naturally occurring stone. The tiles are available in brown, rust, beige hues, and tan color. The material is a porous type of limestone, mainly found around minerals spring deposits. … Read more

The Best Durable Flooring

You may be asking yourself, which is the best flooring? Either for home or for commercial areas. Worry not. I researched on the best flooring and came up with the following conclusions. The best durable … Read more

Best Basement Flooring Options

The  basement floor is one of the trickiest floor, It ain’t your normal above grade floor. It carries the most moisture and humidity problem in your house. Moisture poses a challenge when installing the basement floor. … Read more