Can You Paint a Shower Floor?

paint the shower floor

Shower floors age and deteriorate after continuous use. While repainting your shower floor may seem tedious and infeasible at first. There is a large assortment of products and materials today that makes it practical and … Read more

Is Rubber Flooring Good for Basements

Rubber flooring can provide one of the eco-friendly, versatile, and long-lasting floors for your home. The rubber material is sturdy, resilient, and strong making it ideal for gym exercises and equipment. In addition, it blends … Read more

How to kill mold on porous flooring surfaces

Mold and mildew (mold in early stages) grow on porous flooring surfaces limestone, concrete, traditional unglazed tile and grout (both tile and grout are porous). It may start growing on damp surfaces within 24-48 hours and … Read more

Does Bleach Kill Mold on Concrete?

mold on concrete, Does bleach kill mold on concrete patio stone floor

Mold is notorious for growing on any damp floor surface, like a concrete floor. Mold will make your driveway, patio, and steps look hideous and present health risk. The good news is you can use … Read more

Penetrating Garage Floor Sealer

Do you have an aging garage floor? Has it ever seen better days? It’s important to constantly fix, maintain, and improve it. Most concrete floors concede due to the exposure to many elements such as … Read more

How to Restore Terrazzo Floors Yourself

How to Restore Terrazzo Floors Yourself

Does your terrazzo floor have unsightly cracks, sticky-dull marks, and holes? At times you may have discoloration by UV light and acid stains from food and beverage spills. Don’t despair- you can still repair and … Read more