How To Fix A Matted Carpet and Fluff It Up

Often you will see matted carpets in homes with older carpets and businesses that have more foot traffic. Carpet matting occurs when carpet strands, tuffs, and fibers fold over each other creating a flat appearance … Read more

Can You Use Pine Sol on Carpet?

Can You Use Pine Sol on Carpet?

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner is a commercial cleaning agent that’s commonly used to clean and sanitize various hardy and nonporous surfaces. These surfaces include sinks, toilet bowls, and floors (hardwood vinyl linoleum). But did you know … Read more

8 Best Steam Cleaners for Carpets

best steam cleaners for carpets

Getting the best steam cleaner for your carpet is a critical assignment that determines how clean and safe it is. Choosing the right carpet steam cleaner requires a technical understanding of how the cleaners work. … Read more